Where is The Big Tech Question based?

Over the last few years The Big Tech Question has gone from strength to strength, answering those technology questions that you may not find elsewhere.

Although we don’t target a specific audience, all the writers are from the UK. This is why many products mentioned may be UK-specific (e.g. we may refer to Virgin Media routers). Indeed, our “About Us” page even lists multiple UK addresses for us.

None-the-less, we recently received a couple of (not published) comments…

You are in the USA and providing links for UK Amazon? Are you just stupid? What the F is wrong with you?

You work in San Fran and provide GD links for UK Amazon? GET OFF THIS!

Why the confusion? Maybe it’s the .com domain name – often thought by some as US specific, but actually used by most businesses, wherever they’re based. Harrods, for example, is probably the most British of retail stores that you can imagine (despite being owned by the State of Qatar, but that’s a discussion for a different time…) but, yes, can be found at harrods.com.

Maybe it’s where the domain is registered? Nope, that’s clearly the UK.

The hosting? Bingo. That shows, as we’re using the WordPress.com platform, that we’re hosted by Automattic Inc. which is based in, yes, San Francisco.

That second person has the ability to know how to dig into this but not enough for it to be clear that whoever hosts a website is not necessarily the same people responsible for the content on it.

What about The Sun, that most British of tabloid newspapers? By using the same method as above, they’re a German company, based entirely on their hosting, which would be ironic. But that’s because that’s where their host’s (Amazon AWS) server is based. Having seen their offices, I can definitely confirm that they are not there.

So, I hope that answers the question. We may attract a lot of readers from the USA, and quite rightly too as our content is excellent, but we are definitely in the United Kingdom. As for those links, we’re looking at how we can them to re-direct to an Amazon of your locale.

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