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How do I remove recommended items from the Windows 11 start menu?

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One of the most significant changes in Windows 11 is the start menu. As well as moving the start icon to the centre of the taskbar and replacing live tiles with pinned apps, Microsoft has also included a recommended section that shows recently opened files, apps and other items.

remove recommended items from the Windows 11 start menu

While it has its benefits, the recommended section is not for everyone. If you prefer your start menu a little more minimalistic, then you can prevent items from appearing in that area. Let’s look at how to do it.

So how do I get rid of the recommended section?

Unfortunately, removing the recommended section entirely is not an option, but it is possible to stop apps and recently opened items from showing. To get things rolling, the first step is to click on the start icon.

remove recommended items from the Windows 11 start menu

Once the start menu is available, click on Settings.

remove recommended items from the Windows 11 start menu

If the Settings icon is not available on the start menu, then right-click the start icon and select Settings from the menu that appears.

remove recommended items from the Windows 11 start menu

The Settings window will now open and from the left-hand menu, select Personalisation.

remove recommended items from the Windows 11 start menu

With the Personalisation options now available in the right-hand section, click on Start.

In the Start options, there are three toggle switches available at the top of the page.

Turning off these switches will change what appears in the recommend section. Let’s look at each in turn.

Show recently added apps

As expected, toggling this switch to off will prevent recently installed apps from appearing in the recommended section.

Show the most used apps

Moving this switch to off will stop the most common apps used on the computer from appearing.

Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists and File Explorer

When toggled to off, this switch will avoid recently opened items, such as documents, from showing in the recommended section. However, be aware that turning this feature off will also stop items appearing in Jump lists and the Recent files section in File Explorer.

Once all the toggle switches are set to Off, the recommended section will no longer show any items and you can enjoy a cleaner start menu.

I want to keep using the recommended section. Can I remove items manually?

If you prefer to use the recommended section in Windows 11, it’s still possible to remove any unwanted items manually, although they may return to the start menu at a later date. To remove items on an as and when basis, first click on the start icon.

Next, right-click the item you wish to remove and select Remove from list.

The item selected will now be disappear from the recommended section, although it’ll still be available in its usual location.


The recommended section in the Windows 11 start menu may appeal to some, but others may want to remove items that appear. If that’s you, use this guide to help take control and clear some clutter.

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