How do I get a Virgin Media Hub 4 or Hub 5 for free?

Virgin Media Hub 4
The Virgin Media Hub 4

If you’ve been a Virgin Media broadband customer for some time, you might have a Virgin Media Hub 3 or even older router. That’s since been replaced by the Virgin Media Hub 4 and, more recently, the Hub 5.

What’s the benefit of upgrading your Virgin Media Hub and how do you get a new one for free? Find out here.

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What’s the difference between a Virgin Media Hub 3 and Hub 4?

Virgin Media Hub 3
The Virgin Media Hub 3

The Virgin Media Hub 4 is a better all-round router, especially if you rely on Wi-Fi instead of wired Ethernet connections, as the vast majority of households do.

Apart from the physical design, the main difference between the two is the Wi-Fi antennae. The Hub 3 has only five internal Wi-Fi antennae, whereas the Hub 4 has 11 antennae, which should help increase the strength and speed of the Wi-Fi signal in more remote parts of the home. It’s worth noting here that both the Hub 3 and Hub 4 are compatible with Virgin Media Intelligent Wi-Fi, small plug-in extenders that can boost Wi-Fi signal around the home.

Aside from that, the two routers share pretty much the same spec. They both have four Gigabit Ethernet ports and they both use the older Wi-Fi 5 standard (802.11ac). If you want the newer Wi-Fi 6 standard, you’ll need a Hub 5.

How do I get a Virgin Media Hub 4 for free?

Virgin Media has been offering customers free upgrades to the Hub 4 for some time. If you go to the company’s Hub Upgrade page, you’ll be given the option to sign and see if you can get an upgrade.

The prime time to strike a deal for a free upgrade is when your Virgin Media contract is coming up for renewal. If you’re about to renew, insist that the company sends you a new hub as part of the bargain. It’s always worth haggling at contract renewal time, as you’ll be amazed what discounts and free upgrades companies such as Virgin Media will offer to keep you on their books for another 18 months.

If you’re having problems getting a Wi-Fi signal in all parts of the house, the company might also be willing to send you a Hub 4 to see if that improves the situation and to get you off their support lines. They will doubtless try and sell you the Intelligent Wi-Fi kit first, but stick to your guns and see if you can score a free upgrade on the router before you resort to paying for Intelligent Wi-Fi.

Can I get a Virgin Media Hub 5?

Virgin Media Hub 5
The Virgin Media Hub 5

The Virgin Media Hub 5 ups the ante even further. It supports Wi-Fi 6, as previously mentioned, and also includes a 2.5Gbits/sec Ethernet port for even faster wired connections. That could come up in handy as Virgin continues to upgrade its speeds beyond a gigabit.

The Hub 5 was announced in October 2021 and Virgin said it would offer the router to “existing customers first at no extra cost”. It went on to say that “eligible customers will be contacted and given the option of upgrading ahead of a wider launch in 2022”.

At the time of writing (May 2022), it seems Virgin Media is now offering the Hub 5 as standard to customers who take or upgrade to Gig1 Fibre Broadband.

If you’re having trouble getting a reliable Wi-Fi signal across your entire house, it’s definitely worth talking to Virgin to see if you could benefit from the extended range of Wi-Fi 6. It’s worth noting that to take full advantage of Wi-Fi 6, you’ll need smartphones, laptops and other devices that are Wi-Fi 6 compatible, but most devices sold in the last year or so should support the new Wi-Fi standard. You can find out more about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 here.

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