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How much is the Swytch bike kit?

Swytch bike kit

If you’re interested in the Swtych bike kit – full name Swytch eBike Conversion Kit – then you may have found it tricky to work out how much the darn thing costs. To further complicate things, Swytch uses a “50% off pre-order” tactic to lure potential buyers.

Swytch ebike review

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Here, having contacted the Swytch team, I’ve attempted to simplify things. First, by giving the prices for the Universal eBike Conversion Kits (I’ll also explain the difference between them), and then the Brompton eBike Conversion Kits.

Before we get to that, a brief note on how Swytch operates, because it is unusual. You can buy kits immediately by heading to its eBay shop, but you’ll be paying the full list price (from £999). That means you avoid the considerable wait, but at quite a cost.

Instead, it sells most of its kits by attracting people onto its “waitlist”, which you sign up to via its website. This entitles you to the 50% off I mention above. Every couple of months, it releases a batch of kits that people can then buy.

I hope that makes sense. I find it needlessly complicated, but it seems to be working for the company.

How much is the Swytch Universal eBike Conversion Kit?

Swytch Universal eBike Conversion Kit

Swytch provides two versions of its Universal eBike Conversion Kit: the ECO and the PRO. They cost £999 and £1,249 respectively, but if you indicate your interest on the website you will be offered 50% off pre-orders.

As such, here’s the real answer to question “how much is the Swytch eBike?”: from £499.50.

To be precise, the price of the Swytch eBike ECO is £499.50. The price of the Swytch eBike PRO is £624.50. The dollar list price is $1,199 and $1,499 respectively, but again you can divide those in two: so $599.50 for the ECO, $749.50 for the PRO.

So, which should you choose? Here’s an easy comparison of the two:

ModelUniversal ECO Universal PRO
UK price (with 50% off)£499.50£624.50
RangeUp to 35km (22 miles)Up to 50km (31 miles)
Max. speed15mph20mph
Light?Basic400 lumens

Note that Swytch reserves the right to adjust the pricing – it officially announces the price to everyone on the “waitlist” at the same time – but it has been stable at those prices for some time.

The other thing to note is that it can take up to 12 weeks to receive your unit. If you want it right now, you’ll need to pay the full price via the eBay store I link to above.

How much is the Swytch Brompton Kit?

Swytch Brompton Kit

Swytch has also designed a version of its kit for the Brompton folding bikes, squeezing the motor into the forks so it can fold as normal. Again, it offers two versions of the kit: ECO and PRO.

ModelBrompton ECO Brompton PRO
UK price (with 50% off)£624.50£749.50
RangeUp to 35km (22 miles)Up to 50km (31 miles)
Max. speed15mph20mph
Light?Basic400 lumens

I hope to answer the question of whether the Swytch Universal Conversion Kit is worth the money in my review, but feel dutybound to point out that you can buy “proper” eBikes such as the Pure Flux One for less than a grand.

UPDATE 3 January: I have now published my full review of the Swytch eBike kit.

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  • I love my Swytch kit! It’s literally changed my life – Its such a great piece of kit and now I can cycle to work with no issues

  • I just took out my Swytch-converted bike for the first time today and it was a blast. I had some issues with getting the motor wheel axle to fit in the slots in my front forks which required a LOT of rasp and file work to get it to fit, and the button near the charging port that you need to push to actuate the battery pack (one time only) required too much fumbling around trying to find it; it’s basically invisible. Swytch would do well to put a little dab of white paint on it so you can see it.
    Other than that, assembly is very straightforward and well-laid out in the manual. It took several hours (for me) to get everything installed just so and I was elated that the power boost kicked in on the first try. Most of my riding hasn’t required me to run the battery beyond the 2nd or 3rd boost level, and that’s been fine. I did try it in the higher positions and frankly, I didn’t notice a huge difference. On the other hand I’ve not tried riding it up any kind of a steep incline- maybe it will surprise me and zip me right up that hill. Otherwise, I think the kit is well worth the price.

    • Thanks Bill. I know that Swytch read these posts so maybe they will take note of your comment about the dab of white paint. In other news, I’ve now written the full review of the kit and can confirm it will definitely get you up that steep incline!

  • It’s exspensive. I am thinking that the govt could do with giving us a hand in switching to all things electric. Maybe I will raise it .




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