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What does the light on the Apple HomePod mean?

light on Apple HomePod
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't tell you what this light means

Whether you have the Apple HomePod Mini or the older, larger, original HomePod (which we’ve reviewed), they feature a multi-coloured light on the top. This is often used to show the status of the device, but what does it actually mean? We not only sort the fact from the fiction but we can answer a question that not even Apple reveals the answer to: what does a blue light mean on the HomePod?

White Spinning Light

The HomePod is either starting up or is updating its software.

White Pulsing Light

On the original HomePod, this means that it’s ready to be configured or an alarm/timer is sounding. On a HomePod Mini, it simply means that audio is playing.

Green Pulsing Light

You’ve transferred a phone call over to your HomePod.

Red Spinning Light

The HomePod is resetting. This status is unique to the original HomePod.

Orange Flashing light

This only occurs on a HomePod Mini and indicates that either a software updating is occurring whilst it’s connected to a Mac or the HomePod Mini is connected to an adapter that isn’t providing sufficient power.

Blue Pulsing Light

This is an interesting one, as this is undocumented by Apple. It occurs only on the original HomePod. To understand what this status light means, you need to appreciate one of the key features of the original HomePod – acoustic optimisation. Essentially, it makes use of the built-in microphones to optimise the sound output whenever you move it. This feature is normally triggered by the HomePod detecting it is being tilted. The blue pulsing light means that sound optimisation is taking place.

Multi-coloured Spinning Light

Siri is listening!

That’s every kind of light the HomePod might display. Next time your device starts flashing, grab this guide and find out what it means.

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