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How do you make concrete in Minecraft?

concrete in Minecraft
Chip off the old block: find out how to make concrete

In Minecraft concrete is quite the material – strong and fireproof, it’s a great block to use for building. You can also choose different colours, which make it useful for decoration. Not least because it’s much less flammable than the equally colourful wool blocks. So how do you make concrete in Minecraft?

Although concrete can be crafted with easily found materials, it’s not obvious how to do it. Follow along to find out the different steps that you need to go through. There are a number of stages – a number of different items to craft – before you arrive at concrete. If you’re already familiar with crafting dyes, you can skip the first section.

Crafting dye

A principal part of concrete is that colour, and you have to have one. You can’t leave concrete blocks blank.

Dyes are normally crafted by placing plants (mainly flowers) on a crafting table or by smelting plants (e.g. stick a cactus in a furnace to produce green dye). You can also combine dyes to create different shades of colour. The Minecraft wiki has lots more information on the many different dyes you can create.

Creating red dye from a flower

Crafting concrete powder

Before you get to concrete, you need to create concrete powder.

Concrete powder is made with 4 blocks of sand, 4 blocks of gravel and 1 dye of your choice. As both sand and gravel are easy to come by, it’s a relatively easily product to make.

Crafting yellow concrete powder

Make concrete

You now have concrete powder. And, as in real life, the next stage is to add water (but rain won’t do it). Add a water source block or flowing water to the powder and you’ll have a concrete block. If there’s a river nearby you can literally drop the powder into it and it will instantly turn into concrete.

You can then harvest the concrete block and stash it in your inventory, ready to be used in buildings elsewhere!

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