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What do the coloured lights on my TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub mean?

TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub
Light reading: we reveal what the Hub LED indicates

The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub, having replaced their “Super Router”, has received positive reviews in the press since it’s launch a number of years ago. However, no router performs spotlessly. If you’re seeing coloured lights on your TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub and you’re not sure what it means, here’s our quick guide to what that LED indicates.

What the lights on the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub indicate

Blinking amber

Your Wi-Fi Hub is starting up. You might see this if you suddenly lost power or the router has decided to reboot itself. Sometimes routers reboot automatically to shake off a connection problem. Rebooting your router is often the easiest way to solve connection problems. Sometimes things just get stuck!

Blinking amber and white

Your Wi-Fi Hub is connecting to the internet. Your devices may show they have a Wi-Fi connection, but you won’t be able to access any websites or online apps until the white has gone solid white.

Solid white

You’re connected to the internet. All is good.

Solid amber

Your Wi-Fi Hub is verifying your connection. If you’ve got a fibre connection you should wait a few minutes. If you haven’t got fibre, or the light stays solid amber for more than 15 minutes, you’ve got a problem. It’s time for a chat with those lovely people on the TalkTalk helpdesk.

If you’re still having problems, you can find TalkTalk’s support pages here.


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  • They have sent me a new Sagemcom Super-router which doesn’t hang my Ethernet connections as often as the old one, but it is now displaying a Blue light, and showing that it is connected at about half the usual speed.

  • i have for nearly 4 weeks now lost the voip side of my connectecions, The BB works fine, i have spent over 12 hours on chats trying to resolve this, the router states my phone is not registered but they still dont seem to grasp this, the only reason isigned up for the pilot FF anf VOIP was they would guarentee i could retain my phone number, it worked for a while then just stopped,

  • Had my TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub for nearly 4years now and it has just decided to stop working. I’ve checked all the ports are clean I’ve turned it off for 2 minutes and waited but all I get is a flashing amber light. It’s been flashing for nearly 3hours now

    • I’d definitely get in touch with TalkTalk about this. If it’s not a line fault (which shouldn’t be the case here, but I have seen this as a cause for some TalkTalk routers) a new router may be needed.

  • I had a solid white light on hub but no Internet connection I reset it now all I have is a blinking orange light no Internet for a few days I have had a engineer out three times already and all checked now waiting on another one to come out Done all rhe usual step to reset to no a ava going to change Internet provider due to paying for a service that Is very poor

  • Hi, I had similar problems. My fix: plug the lead from the DVA (the phone adapter) directly into the ONT(the wall fibre box). This will allow the phone to register directly. Leave it like this until it registers.