Is Virgin Media down? How to check now

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Broadband down? Find out if Virgin Media has problems here

Virgin Media is no stranger to outages. But sometimes it’s not always clear if the problem is with Virgin Media’s service or is a more localised problem at your end. Is Virgin Media down? Here’s how to find out if there’s a problem with the broadband or TV service.

Virgin Media down: how to check if it’s a network problem

If your Virgin Media broadband and/or television service has gone down, you can check the Virgin Media service status page to see if the company is reporting any known issues. Obviously, if you don’t have broadband, you’ll need to do that from a device such as a smartphone that’s not connected to the home Wi-Fi network.

Another good source to check is the Downdetector website. This website collates reports from users who are currently having problems accessing a service, with local heat maps revealing if there’s a problem in a particular area instead of a nationwide outage. The Downdetector Virgin Media page is here.

Social media is another good indicator of widespread problems. Use the Twitter app to search for “Virgin Media” or “Virgin Media down” and then switch to the “Latest” tab and you will likely find a flood of complaints if there are widespread problems.

Twitter app searching for Virgin Media down

How can I contact Virgin Media?

We have an article here detailing all the different ways you can contact Virgin Media.

However, if you have a Virgin Media phone or mobile, the easiest way to contact them is by dialling 150.

Note that if there is a widespread outage, the support lines will be even slower to respond than normal and there may not be anything the support engineer can do to resolve the problem anyway. With localised or nationwide outages, it’s often just a case of sitting tight until the problem is resolved. And that can take days, which brings us to…

Am I entitled to compensation from Virgin Media for a broadband outage?

The short answer here is normally no, unless the outage goes on for a period of days.

The telecoms regulator runs a voluntary compensation scheme, which Virgin Media is signed up to. According to Ofcom, Virgin Media should pay you compensation if:

  • Your broadband/phone service has stopped and is not fully fixed after two full working days (£8.06 compensation for each calendar day that the service is not repaired)
  • An engineer doesn’t arrive for a scheduled appointment (£25.18 for a missed appointment)
  • There’s a delay with the start of a new service after the promised date (£5.04 for each calendar day)

Compensation should be paid automatically and arrive no later than 30 days after the problem was resolved. Contact Virgin Media if you believe you’re owed compensation that has not been paid. Note that on broadband outages it’s two working days, so weekends and public holidays don’t count. That could mean your broadband is down for four days before you’re even due to start receiving compensation.

Is there a problem with my Virgin Media router?

If there are no nationwide or local service outages reported, chances are there’s a fault with your individual line or Wi-Fi router.

The Virgin Media Hubs have a light on the front of them that indicate particular faults. Check here to find out what the lights on your Virgin Media router mean.

If you find that you’re struggling to get Virgin Media Wi-Fi in every room in your house, it’s worth considering investing in the Virgin Media Intelligent Wi-Fi Plus. This simple device can boost the signal around your home. Speak to Virgin Media support and they might even be talked into giving you one for free.

Alternatively, if you’re still using an older Virgin Media Hub, find out if you qualify for a free upgrade to a Virgin Media Hub 4 or 5 here.

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