How do you reduce the size of a photo on a Mac?

Reduce size of photo Mac
Shrink it: reduce the size of your cute puppy pics!

You’ve got a photo on your Mac that you want to upload to a website or send via email. There’s just one problem: it’s massive. Too big for the website or the email software refuses to attach it. How do you reduce the size of a photo on a Mac? It’s dead simple and you’ll have the job done in seconds.

You can either watch the video below or follow the step-by-step instructions beneath that.

Time needed: 1 minute

Reduce the size of a photo on a Mac

  1. Find where the photo is saved

    Either open the folder where the photo is saved in Finder or simply drag the photo somewhere convenient, such as your Desktop

  2. Right-click on the photo

    Right-click on the photo’s icon, and then select Quick Actions and Convert Image as shownMacMac convert image

  3. Choose a new size

    When you press Convert Image, a small window should appear asking you to pick an image format and size. JPEG is the most commonly used image format, so go with that. The Image Size drop-down will give you a range of sizes to choose from. Large is normally a good choice, as it keeps the image looking sharp while massively reducing its size. The image here will drop from 10.3MB to only 163KB – around a hundredth of its original size! Yet, the image will still look perfectly good for publishing online or sharing via email.Mac resize image options

  4. Fetch your new image

    When you press the blue Convert to JPEG button, the Mac will save a copy of the image to the same destination folder (in our case, the Desktop). Now you can upload that to your website, attach it to an email or do whatever you like with it.

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