How do you add a text box in Google Docs?

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Boxed in: find out how to insert text boxes in Google Docs

If you’re trying to make your Google Docs more funky than ordinary text, you might want to draw a text box. However, it’s not that easy to find the feature. Here’s how to add a text box in Google Docs and some tips on how to use them.

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to add a text box in Google Docs

  1. Use the Insert menu

    Navigate to the part of your document where you want to add the text box in Google Docs and then select Insert > Drawing > New, as shown below. Insert text box Google Docs

  2. Choose a text box

    The drawing menu will now take over the page. From that, select the text box icon (the T surrounded by a square) and then draw your text box on the chequered area below.
    Google Docs text box

  3. Enter your text

    Enter the text you want inside the box. If you want to make the text bigger, highlight the text and then use the font size box to pump it up. You can also change the font from the same menu. Google Docs text box

  4. Change the background/border

    Remember that you can change the background fill for the box and the border by selecting the paint pot icon and the ones to the right of it. Formatting Google Docs text box

  5. Adjust the shape

    If you want to adjust the shape of the box – to make it more square, for example – do it now. Google Docs is poor at adjusting text boxes when they’re actually on the page. Use the handles on the sides of the box to drag it into the required shape. By default, the text should reflow in the box automatically. Google Docs text box resizing

  6. Place the text box in the document

    When you’re happy with the design of your text box, press Save and Close in the top corner of the screen and it should be inserted into your document. Google Docs text box in a document

If you’re not happy with the design or shape of the text box when you see it in the document, you still have the option to edit it. Click on the text box, and press the Edit button that appears beneath the box. You’ll also find some options appear that allow you to choose how the text box flows around your existing text (if you have any).

Do not use the handles to resize the text box once it’s in the document, as that will turn the text into a blurry mess. If you need to resize the text box, hit that Edit button and do it from the pop-up screen.

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