How do you delete Amazon order history?

Amazon orders
What's in the box? Keep the other half guessing!

Ordered something embarrassing? Bought the other half a birthday present and worried they’re going to discover it on a shared computer? There are reasons why you might want to remove items from your Amazon shopping past, but can you delete your Amazon order history? Yes and no…

How to delete Amazon order history

You can’t delete items from your Amazon order history, as such. You can, however, archive them, which takes them out of the main order history listings. If all you’re hoping to do is prevent a partner from stumbling across a purchase, this might be sufficient.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Hide an item from your Amazon order history

  1. Go to your orders

    On the Amazon website, click on the link in the top right of the screen that says Returns & Orders. This will open your list of past orders and underneath each order you should see the option to Archive order. Click that.Amazon order history

  2. Confirm the archive

    Don’t be too hasty and walk away from the screen thinking ‘job done’, because there’s another step here. You should now get a pop-up window asking you to confirm you wish to archive the order. Make sure to hit Archive order again!Amazon archive order

  3. Visit your archived orders

    If you ever need to check the details of an archived order, you’ll find them by hovering over Account & Lists on the Amazon homepage, then selecting Your Account. On the page that follows, you should find Archived orders under Ordering and shopping preferences. Before you ask, there’s no way that we know of to delete an item from the Archived orders, but let us know on comments (below) if you do!Amazon archived orders

How to avoid sharing order history

If you don’t want a partner to see what you’re ordering off Amazon, it’s best to maintain separate accounts – it’s good practice to do this anyway!

You might not have realised, but people who live in the same household can share access to Amazon Prime, so you don’t need to share an account to benefit from the free deliveries, Amazon Prime TV etc. All account holders in the same house can enjoy those benefits.

To share your Prime benefits, click on this link to manage your household.

Delete Amazon wish lists

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