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How do I show the file path in the Mac Finder?

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On the right path: tweak the Finder

The Mac Finder is a powerful tool, but it can be made more powerful. For example, you can flick on an option to show the file path, making it easier to see where files are located and to navigate back and forth between folders. How do you show the file path in the Mac Finder? It’s dead easy. Here’s how.

Show the file path in the Mac Finder

Open a Finder window and click View from the menu at the top of the screen. Now click on the option to Show Path Bar.

Alternatively, you can open the Finder window and use the following keyboard shortcut: Option + Command + P.

Once this is selected, you should see the file path appear in the bottom of the Finder window, like so:

Mac Finder with file path showing

Those file path items are clickable. So, for example, in the screenshot above, I could click on ‘Users’ and be taken to the Users folder on my Mac.

You can also right-click on the file path items to find a whole swathe of other options, as shown below:

Mac Finder - right-click options

These allow you to open the folder in a new Finder window, copy the path name or create Actions for that particular folder, among other things.

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