How do I change the password on a TalkTalk router?

Keep Your TalKTalk Router Safe - Change your admin password
Safety first: change your router's password

TalkTalk is savvy enough to give its Wi-Fi Hub router a unique admin password instead of the default “admin” or “1234” password that other routers use. However, TalkTalk has also printed the password on the back of the router so anyone with physical access to the hub can find it. If you would prefer tighter security, let’s look at how you can change the password on your TalkTalk router.

Note: we’re talking here about changing the password to access the router’s settings. Read this article if you want to change the Wi-Fi password on your TalkTalk router.

Log in to your TalkTalk router

The first thing you need to do to change the admin password on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is to log in to your router. If you’re unsure how to log in or are experiencing problems, click here for further help.

Change the admin password

After logging into your TalkTalk router, you can change the admin password by following the steps below.

On the main Dashboard page, select See Internet Settings.

See internet settings box on TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Router

Now select Manage advanced settings, and click Continue when the following pop-up box appears:

Going to Advanced Settings pop up box TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router

Once you’re in the advanced settings section, click on the Access Control box:

Access Control option TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Router

The Access Control page will now appear. When it does, click on the User tab.

Access control User Tab Talktalk Wi-Fi Hub Router

The User section allows you to change the admin password. First, enter the current password into the Old Password box. This is the password you used to log in to your TalkTalk router initially.

Now enter the new password in both the New Password and Confirm Password boxes. The password needs to be between eight and 64 characters. It should also contain a number, a lowercase and an uppercase character.

TalkTalk router settings

If you want to double-check that you’ve typed in the passwords correctly, you can reveal them by clicking on the Show Password box.

TalkTalk router settings

Once you’re sure everything is correct, click the Apply button.

Apply button chnage admin password Talktalk Wi-Fi Hub

After clicking the apply button, your new admin password will come into effect and your TalkTalk router will return you to the login page. You can now log back in with your new password to make any further changes or close your web browser to finish.

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Router login page

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