What is App Cloud? How do I delete it?

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App crap: AppCloud is best deleted

My Samsung Galaxy M31 recently updated to Android 12. Following that upgrade, there was an impossible to remove notification from an app called AppCloud, warning me to “complete device setup”. What is App Cloud? And how do you get rid of it? We’ve got answers to both.

AppCloud notification

What is App Cloud?

It turns out that AppCloud is a complete piece of junk that’s trying to install unwanted apps on your device. Samsung should be ashamed for shoving this onto people’s devices.

If you click on that AppCloud notification, you’ll probably see a screen like this:

AppCloud setup

As you can see, there are several pre-ticked apps that it plans to install at the top of the screen and no means of unticking them. It seems the only way out is to suck it up and install the apps, but it’s not. It’s best to get rid of AppCloud instead.

How do you delete AppCloud?

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to delete AppCloud

  1. Open the phone’s Settings app

    Once you’ve opened the Settings app, scroll down and click on Apps

  2. Find AppCloud in the list of apps

    If you can’t see AppCloud in the list of your installed apps (it appears to hide initially), then click the little search icon at the top of the screen and search for ‘AppCloud’. It should appear then. Select it from the list of results.

  3. Delete the app

    If you think you might want AppCloud and just want to kill the notification, you can click under Notifications and select Blocked. If you want to remove this crapware completely, then simply select Uninstall from the bottom of the screen, as shown below.

AppCloud settings

Goodbye and good riddance.

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  • You can uncheck the selected apps by pressing on the blue circles. It’s unintuitive because they’ve greyed them out. Seemingly purposefully so you don’t realise you can uncheck them.

  • Thanks for your comment.
    I only have the option to disable AppCloud (and other Google apps). No blue circles.

  • Thanks for the advice.
    When I go to Settings>Apps>AppCloud, I only have the option to disable (done) or enable, but nor uninstall or delete.
    Most annoying!

  • Like others, I only have the option to disable (I’m guessing they’ve found everyone’s uninstalling it, and don’t want that). Still, that’s better than nothing. Thanks for the info.

  • I had the same issue with no option to disable. However if you click the icon on top right of screen and use that option, it will uninstall and revert back to the previous method of updates.

  • Thanks. Like another commenter here I can only disable it. As much as I like Samsung hardware I think I’m done with them this time. Loads of other crapware I can’t get rid of on here. Research time! Thanks again.

  • I am unable to find it in my apps list and therefore unable to disable or uninstall it from my phone, what gives?

  • Why are all companies in the modern era literally insane…
    Anyway, I wasn’t able to ‘reveal’ appcloud in the list by searching its name, however, I was able to find it in the stored notification history (settings>notifications>advanced settings>notification history>appcloud) — and from there got an option to disable.
    Your guidance was helpful though, thank you