How do I change the TalkTalk Wi-Fi name?

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Rename your Wi-Fi: give your TalkTalk router a new name

Your TalkTalk router comes with a default Wi-Fi name, allowing you to connect your devices quickly once everything’s plugged in. However, it’s also possible to change the name to whatever you want – perhaps a previous Wi-Fi name or something easier to remember. Let’s look at how to change your TalkTalk Wi-Fi name.

Log in to your TalkTalk Router

To change the Wi-Fi name on your TalkTalk Wi-Fi hub, you’ll first need to log in to your router. If you’re not familiar with the process, follow this guide for help with logging in to a TalkTalk router.

Change the TalkTalk Wi-Fi name

Once logged in to your router, you can change the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Name by following the steps below.

On the main dashboard page, select See Wi-Fi Settings:

See Wi-Fi settings  option TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub

On the My Wi-Fi page, within the Connectivity Status box, click on Change network name.

You can also change the Wi-Fi password within the Connectivity Status box. If you’re interested, our article on how to change the TalkTalk Wi-Fi password will show you how. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

Chnage network name option on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Router

A Want to change Wi-Fi name? window will now appear. When it does, delete the current Wi-Fi name from the box under the heading ‘Provide a new name‘, and enter the name you would like to use.

Chnage your Wi-Fi Name box on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router

Once you’re happy with the name you’ve entered into the box, click the Save Wi-Fi name button.

Save Wi-Fi Name box on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router

If you change the name while connected to your router via Wi-Fi, you’ll lose your connection when you click the save button. If this happens, re-connect to your new Wi-Fi name and, if needed, refresh the web page. You may also find that you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi or the router’s login page. In these instances, turning your TalkTalk router off and back on usually does the trick.

Once reconnected, the My Wi-Fi page will now display the new Wi-Fi name.

New Wi-Fi name showing on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router

Unless you’ve any further changes to make, you can log out of your router by clicking the Logout icon in the top right of the page.

When the pop-up box appears to check you really want to log out, click Yes.

Cllick Yes to log out pop up box on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router

This will return you to the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub login page and you can close your web browser to finish.

Login page on a TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router

Last but not least, re-connect any devices that were previously linked to your TalkTalk router via Wi-Fi to the new name. And don’t forget to check your TV, Amazon Echo, and other smart devices!

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