How do I change the text commentary colours in FM22?

FM22 text commentary
Yellow peril: make the commentary more readable

Although Football Manager has had a 3D match engine for (checks notes) some years now, the text commentary still provides vital info in between the highlights. But what if your or an opponent’s team have kit colours that make that commentary hard or impossible to read? Or if you suffer from colour blindness? There is a way to change to the text commentary colours on FM22 to make them easier for everyone to read.

What’s the problem with the text commentary colours?

FM22 puts the text commentary in the colours of the team being mentioned. For most teams, it’s perfectly readable. But there are some teams where there’s not much contrast between the kit’s main colours, making the text very hard to read. For example, Totton FC, who I played in a recent FA Trophy match with my team Dulwich Hamlet. If anyone can read this at-a-glance, they’ve got better eyesight than me:

FM22 text commentary

How to change text commentary colours in FM22

Luckily, if this does happen to you, it’s possible to change the colours, even during a match.

To do so, click on the Settings cog at the top right of the match screen window. Now select View all match preferences.

On the screen that appears, select the option to Use plain colours for commentary text as shown in the screenshot below:

FM22 match preferences

Hit the Confirm button once it’s ticked.

There may be a short delay now, as FM22 reloads the graphics skin. Don’t panic, it shouldn’t crash the game or lose any progress in your current match. The action is paused if you’ve not manually done so already.

When it returns, you should find the text commentary is now in black and white for both teams, making it much easier to read, as you can see below:

FM22 text commentary in plain colours

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