How do you get wool without sheep in Minecraft?

Minecraft bed from wool
Sleep well: you'll need wool to craft a bed

Wool is a pretty essential item in Minecraft. If you don’t have wool, you can’t build a bed, which means you can’t sleep, which makes life a whole lot harder.

But what if you’ve spawned in a desert biome like the one below, where there are no sheep to be found for miles around? Where do you get wool without sheep?

Get wool without sheep in Minecraft

There are several ways to get your hands on some wool without finding sheep, and the easiest way is to wait until night time, when the spiders come out!

If you kill a spider (they’re pretty easy to defeat, even with a rubbish sword), it will likely drop some string. Get four pieces of string and you are able to craft a block of wool. You’ll need three blocks of the same-coloured wool to craft a bed.

Craft wool from string in Minecraft

Other ways to get wool in Minecraft

There are a few other ways to find wool without butchering or shearing a sheep.

  • Wool can be found inside a Woodland Mansion, where it’s part of the structure of the building
  • Villages might have wool blocks in shepherd houses, fletcher houses or at meeting points
  • You can also trade wool with villagers (if you’ve reached a village, there are beds there anyway, so problem solved – just steal one!)
  • Pillager outposts can contain wool blocks, that look a bit like stairs
  • Ancient cities have grey wool blocks in the walls and in the floor

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