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What do the lights on the Linksys Velop router mean?

Linksys Velop AX5300 router
Router read-out: find out what those lights mean

Linksys provide a range of mesh routers in its Velop range, all providing excellent coverage for a reasonable price. For example, the two-pack of AX5300 routers are currently a penny under £250. Each device has a single light on top, which changes colour and flashes in different ways to represent the current status. But what do the lights on a Linksys Velop router mean? Here’s what they’re trying to tell you:

Blinking blue

The device is just starting up.

Solid blue

The router is connected to the internet and everything is working just fine.

Blinking purple

The device has been paired with the mobile app, ready for setup.

Solid purple

The device is ready for set-up.

Blinking red

The device isn’t in range of another – either the parent router or another satellite. If this is a child device then it’s too far away from the main router. If this is the parent device then it’s likely to have been unplugged from the modem.

Solid red

The parent device has no internet connection.

Solid yellow or orange

The satellite router is too far from another device and so the signal is weak – you’ll need to move it closer to another Velop device.

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