How do you remove a game from your Steam library?

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All out war: remove unwanted Steam games

If you’ve been a Steam user for many years, your games library might well be overflowing. If you’ve got games you don’t play anymore, you might want to delete them from the library to make it more manageable. We’ll show you how to remove a game from your Steam library – or at least make sure it’s tucked out of sight!

Remove a game from your Steam library using ‘hide’

If you’ve bought a game on Steam, it’s not actually possible to delete it from your library. You can only do that with free games.

If you want to remove a game from your Steam library, the best option is to hide it. This means it doesn’t appear in the main library listing, although you can still go back to it in the future if you change your mind.

To hide a game in your Steam library, right-click on the game’s name and select Manage. Then select Hide this game, as shown below:

As soon as you click Hide this game, the title will vanish from the library listing.

How to find hidden games in Steam

What if you decide you want to play one of those hidden games after all? Not a problem.

Either from the Steam menu at the top of the window or from the Menu Bar at the top of the screen on Mac, select View then Hidden games.

Steam will now show all of your vanished titles. Mine is something of a Football Manager museum, as you can see below:

Steam hidden games

If you want to move a hidden game back to the main library, right click on its icon and select Manage then Remove from hidden.

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