How do I reset a TalkTalk router?

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Router
Time to reset? Find out how on your TalkTalk router

If you’re having issues with your TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router, then a reset can help. It’s also very useful if you need access to the router’s settings but have forgotten your login password. Here, then, is how to reset a TalkTalk router.


Be aware that resetting your TalkTalk router will restore the device to factory settings. Any changes you’ve made, such as renaming the Wi-Fi or changing the login password, will be lost and you’ll have to redo them again after the reset.

If you’re happy to go ahead, then the simplest method to reset your TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub router is to use the reset pinhole button. This method should also work for older TalkTalk routers, although the position of the reset hole and light sequence may vary.

Reset your TalkTalk router with a pinhole button

  1. Make sure the router is on.
  2. Find the reset pinhole button. On the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub, it is just above the power socket at the back of the router.
Reset pinhole button on TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub
  1. Push a pin or a straightened paperclip gently into the hole until you feel it click, and then hold it in that position for 30 seconds.
  2. The router should now reboot as if you’ve turned it off and back on. When it does, remove the pin or paperclip and wait until the LED light at the front of the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub becomes a steady white. Once the LED is shining white, your router will be reset.
  3. If your light stays orange, check this article. You can also click here to find out what other LED colours mean on a TalkTalk router.

All of your devices should now reconnect automatically if you were using the default TalkTalk Wi-Fi settings before you reset. If you’d configured things differently, now is the time to access your TalkTalk router settings and adjust as needed.

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