How do I set a custom status on Discord?

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Spread Discord: set a hilarious custom status

Discord is brilliant. Case closed. If you want to chat to fellow gamers or, frankly, anyone else, you should have Discord installed. And you know what makes it even more brilliant? The ability to set a custom status so that you can show what a hilarious bag of atoms you really are. How do you set a custom status on Discord? Walk this way.

How to change status on Discord

Discord has four standard statuses:

  • Online (the default and pretty self explanatory)
  • Idle (you’re around but not doing anything)
  • Do not disturb (switches off notifications to prevent you being interrupted during tense Rocket League matches)
  • Invisible (You can use Discord, but you won’t appear ‘online’ for chats with friends or anyone else)

To switch between any of these four statuses using the desktop app, you need to click on your Profile icon in the bottom left of the screen and use the drop-down menu to choose between them, as shown below:

Discord status settings

On the mobile app, you need to click your profile icon in the bottom right corner and click select status.

How to set a custom status on Discord

Those four preset statuses are functional, but pretty boring. If you want something achingly witty and original, such as my “Shopping for cats” in the screenshot above, you’ll need to create a custom status.

In the desktop app, you’ll either need to click Set a custom status or (if you’ve set one before) Edit custom status, as shown in the screenshot above.

In the mobile app, click Profile and select status, as above, but this time either click Set a custom status or press the little x alongside the custom status you set previously. Now enter your killer status (the shorter the better) and select whether you want that status to disappear tomorrow, in four hours, one hour, 30 minutes or not to be cleared automatically, as shown below.

Discord custom status

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