What does a flashing red light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub router mean?

Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub
Vox pops: sort that flashing red light

If you’re the proud owner of a Vodafone Vox 3 Wi-Fi Hub but are having issues, with only a flashing red light for your troubles, then we can shed some light (pun intended) on what’s happening.

If you own the older Vox 2.5 Hub, then please read this article on what the lights mean on this Vodafone router.

There are five different lights on the Vodafone Vox 3 Wi-Fi Hub, all spread across the bottom, with each light labelled. Only the second and fourth lights should flash red so, depending on which one it is, we have different issues to address.

Flashing Red Internet light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

The internet light means that you’re connected to the broadband and can access the web. It will flash red when the router is restarting. However, if it continues doing this after five minutes, you have a problem. We suggest you:

  1. Check all the cables are securely plugged in
  2. Turn the router power off and back on again
  3. If that doesn’t work, contact Vodafone support

Flashing Red Mobile light on a Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub Router

This light should only be on if you’re using a Vodafone supplied backup dongle – this uses a mobile data signal, in case you lose your main broadband connection.

If the light is flashing red then the backup device is connected but isn’t working correctly. If this is happening:

  1. Unplug and reconnect the dongle
  2. Turn the router power off and back on again
  3. Contact Vodafone support if you get no joy

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  • I’ve got the WiFi light (the 5th) flashing red – It’s starts white white when I first press the WPS button to try to connect with a printer, then changes to red a minute or two later. Does that mean anything? (The printer still isn’t connecting.)