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How do you Track Changes in Google Docs?

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On track: Track Changes has a different name in Google Docs

Track Changes is one of those Microsoft Word features that has become an everyday staple of business life. But if your business has shifted over to Google Docs, you might struggle to find the same feature. Good news: you can Track Changes in Google Docs – but the feature has a different name.

Where to find Track Changes in Google Docs?

Track Changes is called Suggested Edits in Google Docs. You can enter Suggested Edits mode by clicking the Editing button in the top-right corner of the screen, and selecting Suggesting from the drop-down menu.

Google Docs Suugested Edits mode

If you’re in the Google Docs mobile app, click the three dots in the menu at the top and select Suggesting from the menu that appears.

Once you’re in Suggested Edits mode, you’ll find it works much like Track Changes. Anything you delete will be struck through in green, and any added text will be highlighted, as shown below:

How do you accept/decline Tracked Changes in Google Docs?

If you’re taking in other people’s Suggested Edits on a Google Doc, it’s pretty easy to accept or decline the amendments.

Down the right-hand side of the document, you should see a list of the Suggested Edits. If you don’t see them, you may be in Viewing mode. Click the Viewing label in the top-right of the Google Docs menu and select Editing.

The Suggested Edits will appear like this:

Google Docs - reviewing Suggested Edits

You can hit the tick or cross on each Suggested Edit individually to accept or reject. Alternatively, if you click Tools then Review Suggested Edits, you should be given the option to Accept All or Reject All.

How do you turn off Track Changes in Google Docs?

To stop making Tracked Changes in Google Docs, click on Suggesting in the top-right of the screen and switch to Editing. If you’ve got any unresolved Suggested Edits, you might want to accept or reject them as described above.

If you want to see the document as it would appear with Tracked Changes/Suggested Edits accepted, switch to Viewing from that menu.

Will Tracked Changes in Microsoft Word documents appear in Google Docs?

Yes, they will. If you upload a Word document to Google Docs and start to edit it, the Tracked Changes will appear as Suggested Edits.

How do you add a text box in Google Docs?

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