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What does the flashing white light on my Sky Hub mean?

White light
White out: find out what that flashing light means

Something’s not quite right with your Sky broadband. And now there’s a flashing white light on your Sky Hub. What does it mean? What can you do to sort this problem out? Here’s the lowdown.

What does the flashing white light mean?

First of all, you should only see the power light flashing this colour. It means that a software update is occurring. Theoretically, it’s a good thing, although in the short-term, it may mean you don’t currently have a broadband connection while the update is taking place.

What do I do if the flashing white light doesn’t go?

First up, be patient. Like a bathroom after you’ve finally got rid of the Chicken Vindaloo that you had last night, I’d give it 15 minutes. During this time, don’t turn the Sky Hub off while it’s still flashing as that will likely make things much worse.

If there’s been a flashing white light on your Sky Hub for much longer than 15 minutes, you will need to download the Sky router recovery tool and follow the instructions.

It’s also worth noting that if the power light changes to flashing orange then it’s gone into recovery mode. Give the router a quick reset (via the button on the back) and, if that doesn’t work, use the recovery tool mentioned above.

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