How do I get a Virgin Media Hub 5 for free?

Virgin Media Hub 5
Hubba-hubba: The Virgin Media Hub 5

If you’ve been a Virgin Media broadband customer for some time, you might have a Virgin Media Hub 4 or even older router. That’s since been replaced by the Virgin Media Hub the Hub 5.

What’s the benefit of upgrading your Virgin Media Hub and how do you get a new one for free? Find out here.

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What’s the difference between a Virgin Media Hub 4 and Hub 5?

The Virgin Media Hub 5 is a better router than the Hub 4. It supports Wi-Fi 6 and also includes a 2.5Gbits/sec Ethernet port for even faster wired connections. That could come up in handy as Virgin continues to upgrade its speeds beyond a gigabit.

It seems Virgin Media is now offering the Hub 5 as standard to customers who take or upgrade to Gig1 Fibre Broadband.

If you’re having trouble getting a reliable Wi-Fi signal across your entire house, it’s definitely worth talking to Virgin to see if you could benefit from the extended range of Wi-Fi 6. It’s worth noting that to take full advantage of Wi-Fi 6, you’ll need smartphones, laptops and other devices that are Wi-Fi 6 compatible, but most devices sold in the last year or so should support the new Wi-Fi standard. You can find out more about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 here.

If Virgin tries to fob you off with a Hub 4, stand your ground and ask for a Hub 5.

How do I get a Virgin Media Hub 5 for free?

If you go to the company’s Hub Upgrade page, you’ll be given the option to sign and see if you can get an upgrade.

At the time of writing, the company appears to only be offering the new router to customers on its most expensive gigabit package, but you might be able to negotiate a router upgrade for free if you get through to the support team.

The prime time to strike a deal for a free upgrade is when your Virgin Media contract is coming up for renewal. If you’re about to renew, insist that the company sends you a new hub as part of the bargain. It’s always worth haggling at contract renewal time, as you’ll be amazed what discounts and free upgrades companies such as Virgin Media will offer to keep you on their books for another 18 months.

If you’re having problems getting a Wi-Fi signal in all parts of the house, the company might also be willing to send you a Hub 5 to see if that improves the situation and to get you off their support lines. They will doubtless try and sell you the Intelligent Wi-Fi kit first, but stick to your guns and see if you can score a free upgrade on the router before you resort to paying for Intelligent Wi-Fi.

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  • I’ve just changed my package and was only offered a hub 4 upgrade they didn’t mention their was a hub 5

  • We have a hub 3 so slow have never been offered anything else technician coming out again this week no Internet for a week very bad service for the money we are getting charged would not recommend virgin no way

  • Sadly I’ve tried over and over to upgrade my Superhub and either there’s no option for me in the website or when I talk to them they just refuse unless I upgrade. I’m already on a super fast connection with them and have been paying a fortune to them for many years!

    The inequity between customers in this company is atrocious.

  • 10/02/23 been a sky customer for over 20years and decided to switch to virgin which got installed on 16th January with the hub4 which I thought was the newest hub. I’m so called on the 1gig package but never recorded anything more than 480mbps, just received a email to see if I’d like an upgrade to the new hub 5 which iv accepted. I’ll leave a comment when it arrives to see if it really is better

  • I had Virging installed yesterday. No internet straightaway, when checking I noticed I have box 3 hub, why not 5, I am a new customer.

  • Virgin first tried to sell me a new contract to give me the Hub 5.0 – despite making it clear to them that Hub 3.0 is suboptimal, and that it did not have the range to cover my house. They tried to upsell me into a new contract at almost double my current contract price (!) and were adamant that despite being a Volt customer and an Oomph customer with the Wi-Fi Max Promise, that I was not eligible (because my current contract was the M350 (thus sub- 1G). I asked to speak with a manager and they dissuaded me from doing so. I put in a formal complaint and next time I spoke with customer support, they were of course able to send me Hub 5.0 for free on my current contract. Insist, complaint and speak with a manager. This will do the trick!

  • Totally agree, exactly the same here. They keep trying to get me to spend another £8 a month for the mesh system but won’t replace the crap hub 3.