Why do I have Norton 360? I subscribe to Bullguard

Boxshots of Bullguard Internet Security and Norton 360
Had Bullguard? We'll explain why you now have Norton 360.

It’s always disconcerting when a PC appears to change without you doing anything, doubly so if this relates to matters of security. If you’re wondering ‘why do I have Norton 360 when I subscribe to Bullguard?’ then we’ve got the answers.

Why do I have Norton 360?

Almost three years ago, Norton acquired Bullguard to sit alongside other recent acquisitions in its portfolio, AVG, AVAST and Avira. At the beginning of the year, Norton announced that it would discontinue the Bullguard product, and migrate customers to a similar product within the Norton portfolio. This process began a few weeks ago and will continue for several months.

What about my Bullguard subscription?

You won’t lose any of your paid-for subscription. Any remaining Bullguard subscription will be automatically transferred to your new Norton account.

I haven’t got a Norton account!

You have now. Every installation of Bullguard was linked to a Bullguard account, and these have also been migrated into Norton accounts. To login, visit using your old Bullguard email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, a reset link can be sent to your email address.

Screenshot showing Norton and Bullguard accounts

If you’ve previously been a Norton customer and a Bullguard customer, you may now have two accounts within Norton’s system. When you login to, select the Bullguard account (it will be branded with the Bullguard logo).

Screenshot showing Norton 2FA setup

It’s important to access the Norton website as you’ll be required to verify your email address, in order to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) on the account. For more tips about 2FA setup, see How do I increase my account security with 2FA?

How will I renew Norton?

If you have previously renewed Bullguard directly with a credit or debit card, then Norton already has your payment details and renewals will be processed as normal and your subscription will be uninterrupted.

How much will Norton charge me for my next renewal?

If Norton already has your payment details, this information can be found within We strongly recommend disabling automatic renewal so that you have to manually agree and confirm the price before you’re charged.

I use Bullguard backup. Will I need to re-configure it?

Yes. Norton has a backup module, but it’s incompatible with Bullguard, so you’ll need to set up everything again.

Screenshot showing Norton cloud backup options

Confusingly, Norton’s backup is called Cloud Backup (because you get some cloud storage in with your subscription) but it still allows you to back up to a USB drive if that is your preference. However, the backup is configured, it’s a good idea to test your process and there’s a simple way to do it.

  • Create a test document. Perhaps a Word file and save it somewhere accessible like the Desktop.
  • Run the backup process.
  • Delete the test document from your PC.
  • Now try to restore it from your backup.

Not knowing if your backup is working adds vast amounts of stress when something goes wrong, so take your time to work out the process .

What about Bullguard VPN customers?

If you previously subscribed to Bullguard VPN, then the version of Norton that you’re migrated to will have the VPN service activated. This also grants access to Norton VPN apps for mobile devices (Android and iOS). If you want to subscribe to Norton VPN, this can be done from

Which Norton product will I have?

This depends on which Bullguard product you subscribed to. If you subscribed to Bullguard Antivirus, then this will turn into Norton Antivirus Plus. Bullguard Internet Security will change into Norton 360 Deluxe. If you used Bullguard Premium, you’ll receive Norton 360 Premium.

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