How do you turn off Wi-Fi on a Virgin Media router?

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Wires only: find out how to kill Wi-Fi on Virgin Hubs

Wi-Fi is basically akin to magic, but there are scenarios where you might not want it on. In my home, for example, I have two broadband lines, with a Virgin Media router in my home office. I don’t want Wi-Fi on the Virgin Hub, because my laptop (and other devices) connect via Ethernet cable and the Wi-Fi might interfere with the other home network. So how do you turn off Wi-Fi on a Virgin Media router?

How to disable Wi-Fi on a Virgin Media router

First, you need to log into your Virgin Hub’s settings. If you don’t know how to do that, click here for our article on how to access Virgin Media router settings.

Once you’re in the router settings, go to Advanced settings and then click Wireless signal.

Now tick the boxes that say disable 2.4GHz and disable 5GHz to switch off all the Wi-Fi radios.

As you’ve probably already worked out for yourself, it is possible to disable only one of those Wi-Fi frequencies. 2.4GHz is the older, slower Wi-Fi frequency, but it does generally offer better range than 5GHz. However, if all of your devices connect relatively close to the router and you want them to get the best possible Wi-Fi speed, you might decide to switch off 2.4GHz. Beware that some older devices may not be 5GHz compatible.

If you’re switching off the Wi-Fi because you want to use a different router on your Virgin Media connection, don’t just disable the Wi-Fi. Instead put the router in Modem Mode, so that you don’t end up with conflicts. Modem Mode will automatically switch off the Virgin Hub’s Wi-Fi radios. Note, that once you’ve put the router into Modem Mode, you’ll need to enter a different IP address to reach the Virgin router’s settings. Again, you’ll find details in our guide to accessing Virgin Hub settings.

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