Who owns Anker? Is it Amazon?

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On brand: Anker isn't an Amazon company

If you’ve ever bought any electronics on Amazon, you’ve almost certainly come across Anker. The company offers a huge range of consumer electronics, from power banks to phone chargers to headphones. If you’re thinking about buying one of its products, you might want to know who owns Anker, whether it’s even Amazon itself? We’ve got the answers.

Anker’s owner is…

Not Amazon! Amazon does have a lot of shadow brands on its own site, names such as Pinzon, Solimo and Wag. You can see a full list of Amazon’s own brands here. However, you won’t find Anker among them.

Anker was set up in 2011 by a former Google engineer called Steven Yang. The company is based out of Shenzen in China, and the reason many people suspect its owned by Amazon is because – for many years – its products could only be found on Amazon Marketplace.

The company has since branched out, and you’ll now find its products sold through retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and even Apple, although Amazon is still responsible for more than half of its revenue.

Anker Innovations, to give the company its full name, is certainly a big business. In 2021, it posted revenues of $12.5 billion and earnings of just under $1 billion, according to Yahoo Finance. The company has more than 3,500 employees worldwide, of which more than a third work in research & development.

Anker’s other brands

Anker has grown so large it now has its own sub-brands. The Soundcore brand offers products such as headphones and speakers. Eufy makes smart home products, such as robot vacuum cleaners and smart speakers. Meanwhile, Nebula delivers audiovisual equipment such as portable projectors.

You might also see a company called Fantasia Trading LLC named on Anker products, and that of the sub-brands. Fantasia is a distributor, responsible for Anker products in the US.

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  • I have a couple of very good (and powerful) USB chargers from them. A Finnish Internet company seemed at one time to have a good deal with Anker because they sold them at a price much less than elsewhere in the Finnish marketplace and even offered free postage.