What is my Kindle email address?

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If you’ve got an eBook that you didn’t buy from Amazon, you might want to read it on your Kindle. The easiest way to do that is normally to email the book to yourself, and to do that you’ll need your unique Kindle email address. We’ll show you how to email a Kindle book to yourself and where to find your Kindle email address.

How can I add an eBook to a Kindle?

We’re going to need an example book and I can think of none finer than my completely made-up novel, The Day the Tower Danced. The eBook version is not available from the Amazon store, so I’ll need to manually add it to my Kindle device so I can read it. There are a few ways to do this, but the simplest way is via your Kindle’s email address.

How to find your Kindle email address?

Every registered Kindle has an associated email address. This differs from the Amazon account to which it is registered.

One way of finding it is via the Amazon website. Log in, then click Accounts & Lists then Manage Your Content and Devices.

Amazon website showing devices tab

Select the Devices tab (easily missed, so we’ve highlighted it in red) and then select the Kindle or Fire tablet which will receive the eBook.

Amazon website screenshot showing Kindle email address

The email address is displayed – it ends in Another way is to open the Kindle app on the device and click Settings. They list the information under Send-to-Kindle E-mail Address.

To add an eBook, mail it as an attachment to the address and, after a momentary delay, the book will appear. If it’s your first time, Amazon will block the email and request authorisation. Follow the steps and resend and all will be well.

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