How do I fix a QtWebEngineProcess crash on a Stream Deck?

Stream Deck
Decked out: a plugin is crashing Stream Decks

With the recent release of the Stream Deck+ hardware, Elgato has taken the opportunity to revamp the Stream Deck software. Unfortunately, for some Mac OS users, it’s also causing regular crashes. We look at what’s happening and potential fixes for the QtWebEngineProcess crash.

What is the problem?

Whenever you reboot your Mac, or take it out of sleep (e.g. opening the lid on a MacBook), you’ll see a big, black Apple crash screen. It says the issue is with “QtWebEngineProcess” and will look something like this:


This only occurs after updating to the Stream Deck software v6 or higher.

So far, we’re not 100% sure but most (if not all) of the people reporting it are using the Homebridge plugin for the Stream Deck, and that appears to be causing this. Albeit only after the software update.

I had this issue and didn’t spot any problems as a result of it, but other users have talked about their Stream Deck being almost unusable as a result.

How can this be fixed?

There are two solutions right now (other than putting up with the crash messages):

  1. Remove the Homebridge plugin
  2. Downgrade your Stream Deck software

Let’s explore how to do each of these in turn.

How to remove the Homebridge plugin

  • Open up the Stream Deck software
  • Click on the plus icon near the top of the screen, as shown below:
Stream Deck software
  • On the screen that appears, click on the Plugins tab
  • Type “homebridge” in the search field in the top right-hand corner
Stream Deck software with Homebridge plugin
  • This will find the Homebridge plugin (as above) – click the Uninstall button to remove it

How to downgrade your Stream Deck software

Follow this link to take you to the page for the last software release, prior to version 6, which was 5.3. There is a link on this page to download version 5.3, which you should then install, replacing the version 6+ that you currently have.

What does Elgato say?

The makers of Stream Deck, Elgato, actually identified the above fixes, so the company is aware of it.

Longer term, it’s not stated what the solution will look like – either it’s going to be an update to the Stream Deck software, or a change to the Homebridge plugin. However, I have contacted them about it and will update this article once I know anything different.

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  • Thanks for the notes! I just upgraded to a new M1 mac and got the same message, and my only working option was V6. But I don’t have homebridge installed. I do have 2 monitors which also has come up as a possible issue, but without any real solution.