How long is a free Zoom meeting in 2023?

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Time out: find out how long you've got on Zoom calls

If you’re looking to make a Zoom video call and only have a free account, what are the time restrictions? There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through an anecdote to a remote family member and then getting cut off. During the Covid pandemic these limits were relaxed but they are now stricter than ever. How long is a free Zoom meeting in 2023? Let’s find out.

What’s the Zoom time limit on free accounts?

If the meeting is arranged and hosted by someone with a free account then meetings is 40 minutes. Until recently, if it was only two participants then this limit didn’t apply, but this is no longer the case.

However, if it’s either set up or hosted by someone with a paid account then this limit is removed. Note that it’s possible to start a meeting without the host present, but such meetings will still be limited by the actual host’s time limit.

How much does a Zoom account cost?

There a number of paid accounts available, each of which provides a different feature set. The cheapest, at the time of writing, is Zoom Pro at a smidge under £120 for a year, or £11.99 per month if you don’t pay the full year in advance. As well as unlocking the team limits it also gives you 5GB of cloud storage for your meeting recordings.

Are there any other meeting limits on paid-for accounts?

If only one participant remains, the call will be limited to 40 minutes after that occurs, paid account or otherwise.

The only other limit is 30 hours, which is the longest a call can be, even if you’re a paying subscriber.

What are the free time limits on other videoconferencing apps?

Zoom has one of the stingiest free time limits of the most popular videoconferencing apps. Here are the free call limits of other well-known apps:

  • Microsoft Teams – 60 minutes
  • Google Meet – 60 minutes
  • Skype – No limit (just a fair usage policy)
  • Facebook Messenger – No limit
  • Apple FaceTime – No limit

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