Can you install DLC with GeForce Now?

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Added extras: you can add DLC to GeForce Now games

If you’re tempted by Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, you might be wondering how the system copes with downloadable content (DLC). In other words, can you install DLC with GeForce Now or are you stuck with the base game? The good news is DLC is supported. Let’s look into how it works.

How to install DLC in GeForce Now

We’re going to show you how to install DLC in GeForce Now using Steam. We recommend that you install the Steam app separately on a PC or mobile phone, as it makes the process of installing DLC easier than trying to do it from within a GeForce Now session.

To install DLC, simply locate what you want in the Steam app (or from the website) and purchase/activate it from there.

Here, for example, we’re adding the Pearls From The East DLC for Cities: Skylines. The key here is not to select the Download button, but Add to Library, as shown below:

Steam DLC for Cities: Skylines

If it’s paid-for DLC, that Add to Library button will say Add to cart. Just follow the on-screen payment prompts and then it should be automatically added to your Library.

Now, when you fire up the game in GeForce Now, the DLC should be automatically added to the game, as you can see here:

Cities: Skylines DLC

And just to double-prove it works, I can add the Panda Sanctuary and other items to my city (when I get enough money to buy them, that is!):

Why is my DLC not appearing in GeForce Now?

If you’ve bought DLC in Steam and it’s not appearing in GeForce Now, it may be because that DLC hasn’t been added to the cloud service yet. This seems only to be a problem with recently launched items. This GeForce Now forum thread suggests it can take a few days for new DLC to arrive.

There is a suggested workaround in that thread that claims you can choose to ‘manage Steam’ from within the GeForce Now app, but that appears to have been removed. However, it may be worth going into the GeForce Now app settings and selecting the option to Resync your Steam library to make sure you have all the latest game updates.

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