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How do you create a new email folder in Outlook for Mac?

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Those generous people at Microsoft are giving Apple users free access to the Outlook email software, no Microsoft 365 subscription required. This version gives Outlook a fresh twist, incorporating elements from’s interface such as the focused inbox, but one critical feature seems to be missing. How do you create a new email folder in Outlook for Mac?

Create a new email folder in Outlook for Mac

Without folders, Outlook is just a horrendous pile of emails and, it would seem, that’s how Microsoft likes it. The answer to how do you create a new email folder on Outlook for Mac is that you can’t, unless you’re using a Microsoft Exchange account. If you’re on Google or IMAP, forget it.


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Why can’t you create IMAP or Google folders in Outlook for Mac?

By modern standards, IMAP is getting a little long in the tooth, but it’s still a popular method of syncing email between devices. Google is a modern standard, but integration probably isn’t that high on Microsoft’s priority list. For the moment, Microsoft has disabled the function to add new folders for IMAP and Google accounts in the new version of Outlook for Mac, but hopefully this will change. There is a workaround, though.

Step back in time


Thankfully you don’t have to stick with Microsoft’s flashy, but slightly impractical, version of Outlook on Mac. From the toolbar, select Help then Revert to Legacy Outlook.


The next screen to appear is a feedback assistant so you can let Microsoft know exactly what you think of them. Click Submit when you’ve calmed down.

Outlook for Mac, in legacy mode, will now open.

Hang on! Why are all of my email accounts missing?

Yes, I thought you’d spot that. To create a new email folder in Outlook for Mac requires a reset and re-authentication of all your accounts.


In Microsoft’s defence, it did find one of my email accounts, which is good…sort of. Obviously, it can’t do anything with it as legacy mode forgets all the passwords and settings. It also lost five of my other accounts including an Exchange account, so it can’t be accused of Microsoft bias this time.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft lets toy create email folders in Outlook for Mac, but until then, have you tried Apple Mail?

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