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You have reached the purchase limit on this account. Why can’t I buy Robux in Roblox?

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Fully spent: tweak payment settings in Roblox (Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Roblox is a global phenomenon attracting almost 60 million active users every day. That’s almost as many as this site gets. Part of the attraction for the players is buying skins, accessories and game access using Roblox’s currency, Robux. Those good folk at Roblox will exchange actual cash for Robux within the game, but in certain setups, you may see the message, You have reached the purchase limit on this account for the current month. Until this message is cleared, you can’t buy Robux in Roblox.

I didn’t set a purchase limit in Roblox?

That’s probably true. You may find that the Monthly Spend Restriction feature is enabled for your account or the account you manage. This message appeared in both of my children’s Roblox accounts and was triggered because I’d enabled spending restrictions within the parental controls settings. To fix the issue, I used Roblox’s web interface to log into the account, then selected the cog icon (highlighted in red) to access the menu.

open the settings menu in Roblox

Click Settings to load the My Settings page. This is the hub for everything associated with the Roblox account.

Screenshot of Roblox profile

From the menu on the left, click Parental Controls.

Screenshot of Monthly Spend Restrictions in Roblox

Scroll down to the Month Spend Restrictions setting. In our example, the account had Monthly Spend Restrictions enabled, with a spending limit of £0.00. It’s thus quite understandable that the message, You have reached the purchase limit on this account for the current month, appeared.

Setting Monthly Spend Restrictions in Roblox

To clear the message, click the button to switch off the Monthly Spend Restrictions. If you have a payment card stored in the Roblox system, remember to switch it back once the message has cleared. If you don’t have card details stored, then there is no risk from an accidental automatic purchase. However, if your kids like to type card details into Roblox for a giggle, it’s worth switching it back on.

Screenshot of Monthly Spending Limit in Roblox

Alternatively, leave Monthly Spend Restrictions enabled, but set a sensible spending limit. If you don’t have a payment card stored, then set an amount to the level of Robux that you purchase on an ad hoc basis. If you have a card stored, then think how much you’re happy to (potentially) spend before the warning message is triggered.

Once setup, the account can be loaded with Robux. They’re handy settings to know about if you want to give the kids a few pounds to spend on Roblox each month, without the risk of defaulting on your mortgage.

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