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How do you stop notifications from a Slack workspace?

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Take the Slack: avoid noisy notifications

Slack is a multipurpose beast. Some workspaces you might use throughout the day – the one your company uses, for example. Others, you might only want to dip into now and again. But it’s those occasional workspaces that are often the noisiest when it comes to notifications, getting in the way of important notifications from work. You don’t want to turn all Slack notifcations off, in case you miss something important from work. So how do you silence notifications from a Slack workspace? Here’s how.

What is a Slack workspace?

You might think of a Slack workspace as an account. So you might have one Slack workspace for your company, another for a football team, another for a community for a certain app or game, such as the Raycast Community you see in the screenshots below. Not all of these are important enough to merit a constant stream of notifications, especially ones such as the Raycast Community which are used by thousands of people and are very active. 

How to switch off a Slack workspace’s notifications

I’m going to show you how to do this from the desktop app (either Mac or Windows). 

First, click on the workspace you wish to silence from the menu on the left of the Slack interface. Then click the workspace’s name at the top of the screen and select Preferences, as shown below:

Slack preferences

Once you’re in the preferences menu, it should open on the notifications screen, but select it from the left if not. Then select the Nothing option from the notifications section.

Slack notification settings

You might think that would be the end of the matter, but there’s another option you probably want to kill. If you keep scrolling down in the menu above, you’ll eventually come to an option that says Show a badge on Slack’s icon to indicate new activity. Deactivate that option and you won’t see the badge on the Slack icon in the macOS Dock every time something new happens in that workspace. 

Slack notification settings

These settings only apply to that particular workspace, so you should continue to receive notifications and badges as normal from your other, more important workspaces. 

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