Why is the volume low on YouTube videos?

Man struggling to hear YouTube videos
Hearing aid: turn up the volume on YouTube videos

Struggling to hear the YouTube videos playing on your computer, even though the computer volume is turned up to full blast? I ran into this problem yesterday and learned something new: YouTube videos have their own volume controller. If the volume is low on YouTube videos on your computer, here’s how to fix it.

Where to find the YouTube volume control

The volume control on YouTube videos is stupidly hidden away. When you’re simply watching a video on the YouTube website, you likely won’t see any controls at all:

YouTube video

Even when you put your mouse cursor over the video, you’ll see several controls, but not the volume slider:

YouTube video with controls showing

To get the volume slider to appear, you have to hover your mouse cursor over the speaker/mute icon, upon which the volume slider should appear just to the right of the icon, as shown here with the big red arrow:

You can now adjust that slider until you get a decent volume from your speakers or headphones.

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