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How do I stop Outlook links opening in Edge?

Stop outlook web links from opening in Edge
You choose: How to stop Outlook web links opening in Edge

It seems Microsoft is up to its old tricks again. As part of an ongoing effort to get you to use its Edge browser, Outlook web links now open in Edge by default, regardless of which browser you’ve chosen in Windows. If you’re fed up with being thrust into a strange browser, read on to discover how to stop Outlook links opening in Edge.

Is your browser really the default?

It’s worth checking first that your default browser in Windows is the one you want to use. Microsoft and others can sometimes change the settings without your knowledge.

Check the default web browser in Windows 10

In Windows 10, first select Settings, Apps and then Default apps. Now look under Web browser at the bottom of the list of Default apps. If your browser of choice is listed, then all is good. However, if Edge is showing, click the icon and choose your preferred app from the list.

Choosing a web browser in default apps  in Windows 10

At this point, Microsoft will still try to convince you to stay on Edge, but hold your nerve and click on Switch anyway.

Please use Edge when changing browsers nag screen in default apps Windows 10

Check the default web browser in Windows 11

In Windows 11, first select Settings, Apps and then Default apps. Now find your favourite browser from the right-hand list and click the icon. The file and link types list that now appears should hopefully show your browser as the default. If it doesn’t, then click on Set Default. However, be aware this will set the browser for all defaults, including opening PDFs and mail links, so change them if needed.

Default apps  in Windows 11

Now try opening links again in Outlook. Hopefully, they’ll open in your default browser. If they’re not, then you’ll need to try the next step.

Change the web links setting in Outlook

Thankfully, Microsoft has left the option open to change which web browser will open web links in Outlook. To change it to your default browser, click File and then Options in the bottom left. From the Outlook Options window that now appears, click Advanced from the left-hand menu.

In the Advanced section, under the File and browser preferences heading, you’ll see Open hyperlinks from Outlook in:. The current setting will be Microsoft Edge. To change it, click the small down arrow in the box and choose Default Browser instead. To finish, click OK, and your web links should now open in your favourite browser instead.

Changing web link settings in Outlook

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