How do you rename a Kindle device?

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Bookish: create better names for your Kindles

If you and your family have been long-term Amazon Kindle e-reader owners, you’re probably familiar with the scenario shown below where you’ve ended up with a load of devices all with similar names. That makes it hard to manage to content, because you’re never sure which Kindle you’re sending a book to! Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to rename a Kindle device – if you know where to look!

List of Kindle devices

How to rename a Kindle e-reader

To rename a Kindle e-reader, go to the device itself and pull down the menu from the top of the screen, then click on the three dots icon. Then choose Settings.

From the Settings menu, select Your Account and then Device Name. You can now rename the device to whatever you choose. Appending the year to the end of the device name (ie. Barry Paperwhite 2023) is a good way of distinguishing between new and old devices. 

How to rename a Kindle smartphone or tablet

As you can see from the graphic above, it’s not only Kindle e-readers that can end up with confusing names. If you’ve downloaded the Kindle app on devices such as smartphones or tablets, you may find you’ve got devices unhelpfully labelled with names such as “Barry’s 6th Android device”. That doesn’t really help identify the device.

To rectify that, open the Kindle app on the relevant device. The instructions here are for an Android phone, but they should be broadly similar for other makes of smartphone/tablet.

  • In the Kindle app, select More from the bottom right of the screen
  • Choose Settings
  • Select Device Name
  • Give it a more useful handle, such as “Barry’s Galaxy S22”

By the way, if you’ve lost the clock on your Amazon Kindle e-reader, read our popular guide on how to turn the Kindle clock back on.

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