How do I report missing ingredients to Hello Fresh?

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Hello Fresh offers a convenient way to create varied and tasty meals. However, one issue that can spoil your cooking experience is when you have missing or damaged ingredients. While the company can’t magically provide what you need for that night’s dish, you can report the issue and receive compensation. Let’s find out how to do just that.

Using the Hello Fresh app to report missing ingredients

While it’s pretty easy to report missing or damaged items on the Hello Fresh app, it’s not obvious where you start. To get the ball rolling, first open the app and then click Settings at the bottom of your screen. When the Settings page opens, scroll down and tap Contact Us.

Hello Fresh app

Once on the Contact Us screen, tap on Report an ingredient or Recipe Error.

Hello Fresh app

You’ll now see the last couple of weekly boxes you received. Choose which box contains the missing items by tapping it and then hitting Continue.

Hello Fresh app - reporting missing ingredients screen

Each of the meals you bought for that week will now appear. Once they do, tap the Select button next to the dish with missing ingredients.

Hello Fresh app - missing ingredients screen

You’ll now see each ingredient included in that meal. To continue, tap on the problem item and then on the Select the issue box. The app will offer you three options: Quality, Missing or Incorrect. Choose one of the options, and then, if needed, repeat the process for any other ingredients you have an issue with. Once you’re happy you’ve chosen everything you need to, hit Done.

Hello Fresh app reporting screen

Hello Fresh will now give you a small credit for the inconvenience to use on a future food box.

Using the Hello Fresh website to report missing ingredients

The Hello Fresh website uses the same procedure as the app. The only exception is finding the contact page to start things off. To do this, if you’re not already signed in, click the Log in button at the top right of the page and enter your account details. Once signed in, you’ll now see your name in the top right corner. To continue, click on your name and then select Contact.

You can now follow the same steps for the app, as shown above.

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