Can I play Starfield on a Mac?

Join the journey: Mac owners can play Starfield

Starfield is undoubtedly the standout game of 2023, but if you’re a Mac owner you’re probably feeling left out. The only platforms that are officially supported are PC and Xbox consoles. However, there is way to play Starfield on a Mac and it’s dead easy to set up.

How to play Starfield on a Mac

Starfield has been released on Microsoft’s Game Pass service and the even better news is that it’s also available for streaming.

That means you can play Starfield on a Mac, a Chromebook or pretty much any modern computer with a web browser. To prove it, here’s me playing Starfield on my MacBook Pro:

To stream games via Microsoft Game Pass, you first need a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. That costs £12.99 per month in the UK at the time of writing.

Once you’ve joined, you can visit on pretty much any modern computer and start streaming the game. For the smoothest possible gameplay, we strongly recommend you connect via Ethernet, rather than relying on Wi-Fi connections.

The Game Pass Ultimate subscription also gives you the rights to download and install the game on PC or Xbox consoles. If you’re planning to play on PC, also be aware of Starfield’s storage requirements.

Can I play Starfield on Nvidia GeForce Now?

Yes, you can, as you can see from the screenshot above. Nvidia GeForce Now recently added a selection of titles from the Microsoft Game Pass PC library and Starfield has now been added!

Unlike Microsoft’s own streaming service, GeForce Now’s Ultimate tier allows you to stream in 4K, which makes Starfield’s space exploration look sensational. The downside is you’ll need both a GeForce Now Ultimate subscription (£17.99 per month) and a Game Pass subscription. If you’re just interested in Starfield and not the rest of the Game Pass library, it’s definitely cheaper to simply buy the game from Steam and play via GeForce Now.

We had a little bit of difficulty syncing the data from our Xbox save of Starfield with GeForce Now. You might have to be persistent with the ‘Try Again’ dialogue if it doesn’t work the first time around!

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