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How Do I turn off WhatsApp group chat notifications?

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Group chats in WhatsApp are great, aren’t they? Corresponding with friends, family or work colleagues in one place to float around ideas or just idly gossip can make life easier and potentially richer.

However, it does have a downside. A particularly active group chat can drown you in annoying notifications. These phone pop-ups are even more frustrating if you aren’t heavily involved in the discussion or it’s full of irreverent nonsense. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn off WhatsApp group chat notifications.

How to turn off WhatsApp group chat notifications

To turn off WhatsApp group chat notifications, first open WhatsApp on your phone and select your group from the Chats section. Once in the chat, tap the group’s name at the top of the screen, and a general group settings page will appear. You can now mute the notifications, but how you do the next step depends on your phone:

On Android

Tap the toggle switch next to Mute notifications.

Mute on WhatsApp on Android

On an iPhone

Tap on Mute. (You may need to scroll down a little to find the option.)

Mute on WhatsApp for iPhone

You can turn off the notifications for either eight hours, one week or always. Select which option suits you best and tap OK.

How long the notifications remain muted on WhatsApp

Once done, hit the back arrow at the top left of the screen to return to the chat.

You now won’t receive any notifications regarding that group chat for the period you selected, unless someone mentions you specifically. If you wish to turn the notifications back on or alter the muted time, go back to the settings and change them accordingly. In the meantime, enjoy the peace!

How to turn off WhatsApp notifications for individuals

It’s not only group chat notifications you can turn off. You can also mute notifications for an individual on your chat list. To do so, just follow the same procedure as above. The only difference is that you choose the person you’re chatting with rather than a group.

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