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How do I check I’ve got the latest version of Chrome?

Google Chrome on computer
Are you up to date? Check your Chrome version

The major browser vendors quickly patched a recent vulnerability discovered in a web codec by pushing out updates. For most users, this was silent and seamless, but it’s worth remembering that gremlins can hide in the dark corners of your PC. To make sure you’re not vulnerable to attack, check that you’ve got the latest version of Chrome.

How do you do that? We’ll show you how to do it on a PC.

How to check you’ve got the latest version of Chrome

screenshot showing Google Chrome version number

To check Google Chrome is running the latest version of the browser, Open Chrome, then click the ‘three dot’ menu option towards the top right to spring open the menu. Click Help then About Google Chrome.

If you prefer, type chrome://settings/help into the address bar (or simply click our link) and you’ll end up at the same place.

Once the page loads, take a quick note of the version number.

Click this link to see which version of Chrome is current and ensure it matches the installed version.

If Chrome is mid-update, there may be an option to relaunch the software. If that isn’t an option, or the browser is simply refusing to install a new version, a quick reinstallation should solve the problem.

Note that the latest version of Chrome is no longer offered on very old operating systems, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8, as you’ll see from Chrome’s system requirement page. We strongly advise you no longer use those outdated operating systems as it’s near impossible to do so securely.

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