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The Big Tech Question takes a fresh approach to technology, with articles based on the questions people ask. Every article is written by one of our talented editorial team, with a sprinkling of dry wit to season the expert advice. We take the same approach when working with clients, to ensure that our readers enjoy a high-quality article while our clients get exactly what they need.

Why advertise with The Big Tech Question?

  • Quick turnaround: if required, within a day to hit trending topics
  • Flexible: if WordPress can do it, so can we
  • Association with top-quality editorial

How can you advertise?

We have three main ways for you to work with us.

First, a sponsored question. Here, we will work with you to decide on the exact phrasing of the question that we’ll answer. We’ll then write the article (quickly if necessary) and share it with you prior to publication for approval.

For example, we worked with BT to promote its Whole Home Wi-Fi. To promote one of its best features – pausing of Wi-Fi to stop children accessing the internet – we came up with the question, “How can you stop kids using Wi-Fi at the dinner table?” The end result is an article that’s useful for readers, but also has a direct link to BT’s Whole Home Wi-Fi page where people can buy the device.

Sponsored topics. Perhaps you want to “take ownership” of one of our most popular categories, such as the Smart Home. We would then agree a guaranteed number of views, a set time period and – of course – a fee.

Display ads. Old-fashioned, we know, but if you have a display ad that you want to run then we’ll agree a CPM, page placement and timescale.

So get in touch. We’re happy to discuss any of the above, or work with you on a different idea. Either email Tim Danton or call 020 7097 1212.