How do I get more free storage from Dropbox?


Is your free Dropbox account groaning under the weight of countless holiday snaps and long since forgotten PowerPoint decks, but you don’t want to shell out for a paid plan? We have a few nifty tricks up our sleeve to help you acquire more free space.

Take the tour

Dropbox rewards you for under a minute’s reading: navigate to and peruse the five-page, storybook-style instruction book to pick up an additional 250MB of space. It even has cutesy illustrations to keep you entertained.

Follow Dropbox on Twitter

The next tip is so simple it makes the tour look like climbing Everest in a blizzard: follow Dropbox on Twitter and you’ll be rewarded with 125MB of storage. Not bad for a single click of the mouse. Go to to begin.

Shower Dropbox with compliments­

It may seem sycophantic, but writing a simple, 90-character love letter to Dropbox can earn you 125MB. Click on the corresponding box at and type in your missive. We’re not sure anyone actually reads this stuff (we received the extra space immediately after pressing send), but best play it safe and don’t be crude!

Invite your friends

Exploit your friends by inviting them to join Dropbox and being rewarded with extra space. For every chum who signs up from your referral, you will both be given 500MB of bonus space – with up to 16GB up for grabs for those with 32 easily persuadable pals.

To get started, simply head to and type your friend’s email address into the box, before endlessly badgering them to register and install the desktop app.

NOTE: All of the rewards were available at the time of writing, but may change/be removed over time.

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