Gmail tip: how do I use personal level indicators?

Gmail personal level indicators
Gmail: it's time to get personal

For a free email service, Gmail offers plenty of power features. One of its lesser-known features is personal level indicators, an easy way to check whether a message has been sent to you alone or to a group of people, perhaps making it less critical that you reply immediately.

These indicators come in the form of little yellow tags that are placed to the left of a sender’s name, as shown below:

Gmail personal level indicators

A yellow tag marked with >> means the message has been sent to you alone.

A yellow tag with a single > indicates that you’re only one of two or more recipients.

A blank tag indicates the message is a circular or has arrived from a mailing list.

How to switch on Gmail personal level indicators

To switch these handy little indicators on, click on the settings cog in the top right of the Gmail menu. Scroll downwards and you should find the personal level indicators option near the bottom of the page.

Remember to click Save Changes at the very bottom of the settings page to activate the indicators. Now return to your newly labelled inbox!

The personal¬†level indicators will also appear in Gmail’s mobile app.

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