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Which apps take up the most space on my PC?

Which apps take up most space
Disk hogs: identify the space-hungry apps

We’ve all been there. Windows is complaining it’s running out of disk space, the computer’s running slower than John Prescott on a 10K, and it’s time to clear off some stuff. But which apps take up the most space on your PC in the first place?

Windows 10 makes it easier than ever to identify the disk hogs – if you know where to look in the myriad Settings menus.

How to identify the apps taking up the most space

Type “apps” into the Windows Start menu and you should see “Add or remove programs” appear under Settings. Click that. If that doesn’t work, go to Settings > Apps and you’ll arrive at the same menu.

At the foot of the screen, you’ll see a long list of all the apps you’ve got installed on your PC. In the “sort by” drop-down menu above that list, change the option from Name to Size. Windows 10 will whirl away for a few seconds and soon you’ll be presented with a list of apps ranked in order of the amount of disk space they consume:

As you can see from the list on my work PC, I’d be well advised to get shot of Football Manager 2017 if I urgently needed to clear some disk space. Note: there’s more chance of me running off to Zimbabwe in a three-way love tryst with Judith Chalmers and Nigel Farage than me uninstalling Football Manager.

If you really can’t find anything that you can bear to uninstall from your PC, go back to the Start Menu and type “Disk Cleanup” into the search bar. From here you can run the Disk Cleanup Wizard, which might be able to free some much-needed space without you having to do anything as drastic as uninstall your surge to the Premier League with Yeovil Town.

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