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What do the coloured lights on my Sky Hub mean?

Sky Hub lights
Flashing amber? Solid amber? Blinking white? What does it all mean?

You’re in the middle of a ten-hour Netflix binge when the Wi-Fi suddenly goes on the blink… literally. You bend down to look at your Sky Hub and find it now resembles a spaceship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind – a dazzling array of blinking lights of different colours. Here’s what the lights on your Sky Hub mean.

Sky Hub lights: No lights

Problem: If all of the lights on your Sky Hub are dark, it’s not receiving any power.

Solution: Check that the Hub is plugged in at the mains and that it’s switched on. If that doesn’t work, check the power cable (pet owners will know how tempting they are to dogs/cats/rabbits/guinea pigs) and try plugging the Hub into a different socket. Still nothing? Get in touch with Sky.

Sky Hub lights: White

If your power, internet and Wi-Fi lights are solid white, there’s nothing to worry about. The Sky Hub is working as it should, meaning you’re free to continue your Cash in the Attic marathon. We’re not judging.

Sky Hub lights: Flashing white

Problem: It may look worrying, but the power light flashing white just means that the Hub is upgrading its own software. It’s a good thing.

Solution: Wait for 15 minutes and do not turn the Sky Hub off while it’s flashing. If it takes a lot longer than 15 minutes, you will need to download the Sky router recovery tool and follow the instructions.

Sky Hub lights: Solid amber

Problem: A solid amber power light is the most serious warning. It means that your Sky Hub has a power issue that can’t be resolved with the online tools.

Solution: Contact Sky.

Sky Hub lights: Flashing amber

Power light

Problem: If your Sky Hub’s power light is flashing amber, it means that it’s in recovery mode. This often happens after a software upgrade (see the “Flashing white” section above).

Solution: Press the reset button on the back of your Sky Hub. If that doesn’t work, download the Sky router recovery tool and follow the instructions.

Internet light

Problem: This is by far the most common, and annoying, issue with the Sky Hub. When the beaming internet light is flashing amber, there’s an issue with your internet connection   but you’ll already know that because whatever you’re doing will be interrupted.

Solution: Run through the online diagnostic fixes here. Good luck.

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  • Thanks for this. The internet light on our hub is a dull white, you can barely see it. Our internet has been playing up, any help with this? Thank you!