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D-Link Covr: the best looking Wi-Fi router?

D-Link Covr dual-band
Under Covr: you won't need to hide these routers away

Given that Wi-Fi routers often sit in people’s living rooms, it’s important they not only perform well but look sharp. Lord knows, there are enough ugly routers on the market, but the newly launched D-Link Covr systems are amongst the smartest I’ve seen.

There are two different models in the Covr range. There’s the pebble-shaped dual-band model, which you can see pictured at the top of the page, and then there’s rather more workmanlike tri-band model which you can see pictured below.

D-Link Covr Tri-BandTo my eyes, the dual-band models are the more visually pleasing of the two, and given that most folks won’t have the equipment to take full advantage of the tri-band AC2200 Wi-Fi, you probably won’t be missing out on much speed by opting for the smaller models. They have interchangeable coloured plates on the top of the devices, so you can even get them to match your decor, which should please the Feng Shui fascists.

Both Covr models are based on so-called mesh networking. Instead of having one router trying to reach all four corners of your house, you dot several smaller routers around the place. This (theoretically) helps to eliminate dead spots and give you more consistent speeds right across the household.

Both sets of devices also include “smart steering”, where the router automatically places a device on the least congested wireless band to help avoid stuttering Netflix videos and such like.

Obviously, we couldn’t tests the speeds and performance on the CES showfloor, but hopefully we’ll get some in for review soon.

The price? A three-pack of the dual-band Covrs costs $249 (around £185, although UK prices will likely be north of £200), and a two-pack of the tri-band models costs $319 (£235).

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