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How do I recharge my phone while I’m out? Go for a Quick-E

Caught short? Quick-E can top up your smartphone for £1.99

Yes, that headline was a bit Carry On. But Quick-E really could be a solution for those who are caught short without their charger.

Launched here at CES 2018, London-based Quick-E is providing a solution for people who are caught with a flat smartphone battery and no charger. Their portable battery packs are just £1.99 each. They come in a variety of different charging standards, including Apple Lightning and Lightning Plus, micro-USB, USB Type-C and even Qi wireless charging.

You simply sucker the slim battery pack to the back of your phone, plug in the charger and top your phone back up. When you’re done, you pop the battery back into the pre-paid postage sleeve and pop it in a postbox. “There are more postboxes than bins in London, so that shouldn’t be a problem,” the Quick-E rep told me. The company’s app even guides you to the nearest postbox.

Still, wouldn’t people be lazy and just throw the battery away or keep it? Well, the battery can’t be recharged by the user, so there’s not much point in stealing it, and the man from the firm told me that they have a return rate of 91% in trials.

Each of those batteries can be recharged up to 500 times, so it’s better for the environment than one-use disposable battery packs.

Keep an eye out for them in UK shops soon.

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