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How can I hide photos on an iPhone?

Hide photos on an iPhone
Avoid a “facepalm” moment by hiding embarrassing iPhone photos

“Let’s have look,” says a friend/colleague/family member as they grab your iPhone to closely examine a photo. You watch them like a hawk, ready to pounce if they even vaguely look like they’re going to swipe right into your camera roll. Because, let’s face it, there are some pictures you want to keep far away from prying eyes – be they drunken selfies or embarrassing photos of your huge Chris de Burgh record collection. Luckily, it’s very easy to hide photos on an iPhone. Here’s how to do it.

First, head to the Moments section of the Photos app (this should appear by default) and identify the image you want to hide. To keep things geeky, I’ve populated mine with famous paintings.How can I hide photos on my iPhone?We’ve all taken selfies where we look like Rembrandt in 1659, but I’m going to hide the real thing. Tap the   symbol in the bottom-left of the screen.How can I hide photos on my iPhone?This will generate a complicated screen with lots of different options. The process may vary depending on which version of iOS you’re using, but it should involve swiping the bottom menu (beginning with Copy) left until you see the Hide option.How can I hide photos on my iPhone?After tapping it, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to squirrel the photo away.How can I hide photos on my iPhone?Return to Moments and you’ll see that the photo is no longer there. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t access it either. Go to Albums by tapping the option at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and you’ll find that a Hidden album has appeared.Hide iPhone photosThis is the repository of your secret images – but it’s hardly a digital Fort Knox. If you want to make sure that no-one can see a photo, it’s worth removing it from your iPhone entirely and storing it elsewhere.

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